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Facebook-Instagram-Whatsapp It's back to work.
Facebook-Instagram-Whatsapp It's back to work. Facebook-Instagram-Whatsapp It's back to workSLOTXO new members sign up for 50 %, can play the สมัครสมาชิก slotxo role of a smartphone, we can take the popular game, the slot game that the bonus is broken most often. Games where you have a high chance of winning Facebook stated that Popular social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are back. After having a problem that crashes until it can't be used for almost 6 hours. The three social media sites, all owned by Facebook, had been inaccessible to both the website and the mobile app since the middle of the night. As a result, the hashtag #Facebook is down #IG is down, soaring into the 1st and 2nd Twitter trend in Thailand immediately. The website DownDetector.com reports that these popular social media services have experienced major failures. It has reported 10.6 million usage problems worldwide. The last time Facebook's service system experienced such a large usability failure was in 2019, when people were unable to access Facebook's services around the world for a long time. up to 14 hours Facebook apologized to those affected by the system crash. While Facebook's chief technical officer came out that It may take some time for Facebook's service to return to 100% normal. However, no official reason has been given as to what caused the problem. But online experts speculate that the problem may be caused by a flaw in Facebook's own domain name system, or DNS. DNS is a data management system that converts domain names to IP addresses in order to contact other servers you want because problems with DNS cause problems in the service of the site. big Many times at the beginning of this year
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