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Pro vložení Vašeho dotazu - založte prosím nové téma zde
Daisy Allen

Here's how you can play Chrome's dinosaur game online

Right now and for a long time, Google's Chrome is the most used Internet browser in the world, hence it does not stop growing and evolving. It is full of useful functions, and others not so much, that allow us to move around the web in the best way, but it will not only serve us for that. And one of them is the minigame of the dinosaur hidden in the browser. This has been hidden among us for a long time in one of the most used programs in the world such as Chrome. But with everything and with it it is more than likely that many of you do not know it yet.

And, as surely many of you already know, this is a program that currently has a market penetration of around 70% of the total. That leaves other similar alternatives like Mozilla Firefox or Edge Chromium far behind. And that the firms responsible for these other proposals, also does not stop introducing and launching improvements in their projects. However, Chrome seems to have established itself well in this important software sector and is there to stay. In fact, it can be said that this is one of the most used programs worldwide.

In addition, Google, as with the rest of the firms in the sector that we are talking about, is fully aware that it must take great care of its project. This refers to everything related to aspects that are of the utmost importance to most users. Here, issues such as security, functionality, and interface appearance come into play.

But at this point, we will tell you that it is not only about trying to please its hundreds of millions of customers when they have an Internet connection, but they are even responsible for entertaining the wait when we run out of it. We tell you this because, as some of you have surely seen first-hand, Chrome includes the dinosaur game that we can use when the browser is offline.

How to access the dino game in Chrome

As we told you, this is a very important program to surf the Internet. We use this regularly both from the desktop PC and from the mobile. At the same time it is one of the first applications of. the ones we use when we start a new session. But with everything and with it, a good number of users do not know some of its hidden secrets, as is the case.

Well, many know it as Google's t-rex game. And we can also access it by typing the command chrome: // dino in the address bar of the program. This is the same that appears when we go offline, we refer to the screen that indicates the connection error.

From that moment on, we just have to press the space bar to start the game as such. This way we can handle the Chrome dinosaur with the cursors, so that the waiting time is shorter. In fact, with the passage of time, many have become true addicts to the dinosaur game as such and play it on purpose to have a good time with their friend. In addition, we can play the dino game in online mode without having to turn off the WiFi.

Open the game with the Chrome development window

To do this we press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + I or press the F12 key to open the developer tools window. We go to the Network tab, disable the cache control, check the Offline option and try to load a web page. From that moment on we will see how the game appears again so that we can enjoy it.

Dino game

It is for all this and for the popularity that the T-Rex of Chrome has gained over time, that at this point we will tell you that we can also play without forcing the disconnection. And taking into account that we are facing open source software, the one corresponding to the Google dino game has been extracted and taken to the GitHub platform. This, as you can imagine, will help us to play Google's dinosaur game for free.

In this way, just by accessing this link, we will be able to use the dinosaur game whenever we want. In the same way, we can add this link to our favorites to always have it at hand, and not only from Google Chrome. We say this because at the same time we can access this URL from any other Internet browser.

In addition, and since the source code to which we refer is public, we ourselves, if we have the appropriate knowledge, can create our own version.

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