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Adam Efron
The best handmade carpets come from the historical city and several thousand years of Sardrood in East Azerbaijan; Sardrood is known as the capital of world carpets, whose paintings have even reached palaces and museums around the world. Famous Tabrizi artists design and weave various types of this decorative product and infuse art, elegance, life and brilliance in them. The features of these headboards include amazing colors and unique and regular porcelain places. These beautiful and colorful paintings are from Tabriz, Kashan and Sardrood handicrafts. As you may have heard many times, the best machine-made carpets are woven in Kashan factories, which are high quality in terms of type of yarn, density, comb and quality; Small framed rugs are no exception to this rule. In conclusion, it should be said that the handmade type of these paintings bring warmth, charm and magic to the walls of houses; You can watch them for hours and realize the feeling of the weaver while weaving them, but the machine type is also beautiful and has a cheaper and more appropriate price if the quality of production is maintained.
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