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China warns against bringing Peng Shwe to political issues
de0bb951049e514cad08747ba811cac4.jpg A spokesman forSLOTXOthe Chinese Foreign Ministry said: "Some people have malicious intent", causing the story of tennis player Peng Shui "Pray Wong" warned without specifying who "Don't get involved in politics" Foreign news agencies reported from Beijing, China on Nov. 23 that Mr. Zhao Lijian, spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. last tuesday About the case of Peng Shwe, a 35-year-old Chinese tennis player, was revealed earlier this month. He was the victim of sexual harassment by Zhang Gaoli, the 75-year-old former vice premier of China, and had hidden ties to one another, after weeks Pengshui disappeared. before returning to the media again this week that Throughout the past, Peng Shui "lives and performs his duties as normal."
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