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The Crown Prince of Japan condemns the media. 'Distorted and malevolent' about the engagement of 'Princess Mako'
d1cf4e492aa2db7848256c566d1daf50.jpg Prince Fumihito Akishino no Miya, CrownSLOTXOPrince of Japan He blamed the media for spreading false information and "Slander" during news of former Princess Mako's engagement The eldest daughter who abdicated the throne to marry her fiancee last month. The wedding ceremony was between Princess Mako, 30, and boyfriend Kei Komuro, who is the same age. It was postponed for more than three years due to the fact that the man's family was in debt. scandalous rumors about fiance including the ongoing criticism It also caused Princess Mako to suffer from severe stress. (post-traumatic deformity) Princess Mako finally decided to register her marriage with Komuro on Oct. 26 and renounced her status as a commoner under Japanese royal rule. before leaving to start a new life with her husband in New York, USA Prince Fumihito, known by the media as "Prince Akishino" has a royal speech about this. At a press conference on the occasion of the 56th Birthday Anniversary today (30 Nov) “If you've ever read a newspaper...I don't know how to use it...but there's a lot to add. Although there are some opinions that should be heard,” Prince Akishino said. After the media asked if Princess Mako's illness had anything to do with the news. Most of the Japanese rejoiced when Princess Mako announced her engagement to Komuro in 2017, before things turned around as tabloid media digging up the man's mother's debts led to Ko Muro being heavily attacked by the Japanese. social trends “Internet news has a lot of comments. And some of the comments were criticized in a very bad way. These words hurt a lot of people.”
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