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Avoid panic! White House calls on Russia threats to invade Ukraine 'It's getting closer'
ea4cbf51b771c1800dd672c899087776.jpg The White House's of making more money in slot games. Many may not know. When using slot game formulas, you can reduce the play time of each game. Because you don't haveทางเข้า slotxoto wait for the rhythm of the game, as chief spokesman said Wednesday he would no longer define the possibility of a Russian aggression as "imminent," but insisted the aggression could continue. can happen anytime Jane Saki, secretary of media for the White House. Trying to find a solution to the mess caused by her choice of words during last week's briefing. At that time, she said that Russian troops were deployed to invade Ukraine along the border. "Maybe it's getting close." The remarks have drawn criticism from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has said he wants to avoid panic. Zelensky also urged Western leaders to stop panicking over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Because the Ukrainian economy is damaged by the mistaken perception of war in Ukraine. Zelensky said he saw no greater threat than during a similar mobilization of Russian forces. Well this past spring “There is a signal from a respected country leader. They say there will be a war tomorrow. this is panic And how much does it damage our country?” And that domestic unrest is the biggest threat to Ukraine. Ukrainian leader said Explained during a phone call with leaders of many countries including President Joe Biden of the United States and President Emmanuel Macron of France that Even the threat from the Kremlin is imminent and occurring all the time. But Ukrainians have learned to live with it since the 2014 Russian invasion. During a briefing on Wednesday (Feb 2), Saki said: "We will stop using this remark. Because I think it's a message that we don't intend to send. Which is to say, we know that President (Vladimir) Putin has made a decision." Saki said she usually said Putin had deployed troops in a position where they "Can offend at any time," and she states in this regard: "It's still true."
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