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58% of Americans believe US democracy in danger that it may collapse
9d559b7c0a43308077bb6be59dfb2ea5.jpg A year after Donald Trump games? Playersเกมสล็อตshould study the payout tables before you start playing your online slots games. Because it always gives important advice. About the best supporters stormed the US Capitol. Six in 10 Americans believe the country's democracy is in danger of collapsing. A poll released on Wednesday (Jan. 12) said: 76% of respondents in an opinion poll conducted by Quinnipiac University this time said they thought political instability in the United States was a "dangerous thing". They are more dangerous than foreign threats. At the same time, more than half of the commentators -58 percent-- in the poll said they thought the country's democracy was in danger of collapse, with 37% saying they disagreed. this Meanwhile, 53% said they expected political divides in the United States. will get worse during their lifetime for the question I think there will be an attack in the United States. Similarly to the invasion of parliament or not? It appears that 53% of respondents said it was very likely. or there is a possibility as well Now, an extraordinary committee in the US House of Representatives It is investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on parliament, with 61% of those polled saying they support the investigation. But if the respondents were divided according to the political preferences of each person What comes out is that 83% of Democrats approve of this. But 60% of the Republicans objected. The poll was bad news for President Joe Biden, with only 33% of respondents saying they agreed with his work, with 53% saying no, and 13% having no opinion. In a Quinnipiac poll last November, Biden received a higher acceptance score of 38%. Quinnipiac said: This survey used a sample of adults in the United States. A total of 1,313 people nationwide were surveyed between January 7-10, and their potential error score was plus or minus 2.7%.
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