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The virtual world is no exception! British girl scolded by a lustful avatar gang 'Virtual harassment' on the metaverse
41ee73bd67f427736a832f5a7becab2b.jpg A 43-year-old Britishxo slotwoman has complained of sexual harassment by a group of men's avatars in the metaverse community of Facebook parent company Meta. The News admitted that it was a bad experience. that made me fall in love Nina Jane Patel, vice president of another metaverse research firm, told Medium that in early January she was harassed by avatars by three or four men. Sexually on “Horizon Venues,” both with slurs. and come into contact with the body inappropriately Patel, who is married and has children and lives in London. in an interview with Mail on Sunday that The gang of lustful avatars began to act threatening only a minute after she entered the lobby of Horizon Venues, and it made her feel so tortured that she had to take off her VR glasses. She admitted that the incident had frightened her. and began to have symptoms of anxiety A Meta spokesperson sent an email to Business Insider saying: "We feel sorry for what happened," and stressed that the company “I want all users of Horizon Venues to have a good experience. And security tools can be easily accessed in such situations. as well as helping us investigate and take some action.” A Meta spokesperson emphasized that the platform already has tools for blocking, muting and reporting inappropriate behavior from people nearby, but Patel isn't using it himself. The victim explained that At that time, she really couldn't protect herself. Meta confirmed that “Horizon Venues should be a safe place. and the company is committed to making it so.” “We will try to improve it. and learn more about how people interact in these areas. Especially in terms of helping users to report problems. easily and efficiently.” Horizon Venues is a digital experience that Meta is still in development. Users can create their own avatar and wear VR glasses to attend concerts, sports, and more together. Last December, Business Insider released the story of another woman claiming to have been molested by strangers on Horizon Worlds, another Meta platform, and the results of its investigation. concluded that The woman did not turn on the safety tools.
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