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For writers and directors, a modern murder mystery is an alluring prospect. "Over the last decade there have been crime-fiction writers who have said the whodunnit is dead, and the reason they think that is because we've run out of clever plots," says Dr Benedict Morrison, lecturer in literature, film and television at the University of Exeter. "There's no other way to get out of a locked room that hasn't already been done. There's no way of breaking an alibi that hasn't already been done. So I think it is really an exciting challenge that a creator takes on – not only to be sufficiently crafty to get one over on the viewer or the reader, but also to find something that actually feels fresh." อ่านต่อเพิ่มเติม โรงเรียนวัดมะเฟือง สาระสำคัญ  ฮีโมโกลบิน
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