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7 dangers of eating Too many "instant noodles"
67496147b50da5c40d2b586536ab231e.jpg in the famine eraโปรโมชั่น SLOTXOeconomic downturn When you go to the market or supermarket to buy groceries, you will find that many fresh food prices are higher, with an increase of 5-10 baht, which may still be enough to grit your teeth. But some things are more expensive with the difference before - after that is higher. people like us began to be unable to bear Not including consumer goods and other utilities that many things started to increase in price accordingly. as it became big news "Expensive in the whole land" since entering the new year only a few days Even so, there is one product that the manufacturer has confirmed that the price will not increase. To the point that there are many media outlets making headlines in such a way that it is "good news" or "Thai people", that is, "instant noodles". Not all products are more expensive. But using the word "good news" or "Thai people" sounds like we normally eat it as a staple food. The type that you can eat every day, 3 meals a day, so it's good news to be loud. because it doesn't raise the price or Thai people should avoid other foods who raised those prices and turned to eat instant noodles all together not at all! Even though other foods are expensive But you can't turn to eat instant noodles instead because the price is so cheap! Although many people may like to eat as the original capital. Because the taste is delicious, easy to eat, or many people need to eat only during the period. especially when the salary is not yet released But instant noodles are not healthy food. Even worse, it's also very punishing. Therefore, eating instant noodles is not a solution to the problem of expensive products. It's not even a food that should be eaten every day. Instant noodles are more harmful to the body than we think, it's okay for people who eat it once in a while. but with people who eat often Or if you want to eat it as a staple food because other foods are expensive, you need to think again because the results for your health are not worth it. Instant noodles are therefore not an alternative to eating in the era of famine. malnourished There are few ingredients in instant noodles. Approximately 60-70% of the main ingredient is wheat flour, the other 15-20% is fat. Both in seasoning and from fried noodles. The dried vegetables and dried meats that come in the condiment sachets have little to no nutrition left (you really shouldn't expect anything from those spirit inclusions), so instant noodles can be considered inferior. Nutritional value, frequent eating, continued for a long time will put consumers at risk of malnutrition Because each day receives insufficient nutrients, especially in children whose body still has to develop. Adding vegetables or meat may help. Which must be bought to eat well no nutritional value One might say that instant noodles have no nutritional value. what we got full From instant noodles, only starch, fat, and sodium contain almost no nutrients needed by the body at all. therefore may cause harm to health The negative effects may not occur immediately, but will gradually accumulate. like a graceful death A survey from the Australian Consumers Association found that a packet of instant noodles contains as much fat as it does. with junk food High in carbohydrates, high in sodium, and the oil used in the frying process is often cheap vegetable oil. When broken down, it becomes a trans-fatty acid. which is bad fat high sodium The more intense the flavor The higher the sodium The seasoning of instant noodles is rich in sodium and MSG. Including the seasoning in the noodles to have a salty taste. As a result, instant noodles have become a food that has a relatively high sodium content compared to the amount of food per serving. Thai people should consume no more than 2,400 milligrams of sodium per day. But a single packet of instant noodles contains about 1600 milligrams of sodium, which is more than 50 percent of your daily intake. Some people also add flavor to sauces, fish sauces, or other processed foods. equals that on the day of eating instant noodles We may be getting more sodium that day than usual. If there is no balance with other food
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