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Netizens rejoice! Japanese train station returns The 'glass tumbler' left behind by passengers Plus an impressive message
b38c529536c0ded790a1ec92bc72a390.jpg One Twitter user in everyดาวน์โหลด SLOTXOonline slot game There will be a payout schedule to show. to tell the player that How much money can you earn for winning games for each set of games? Players should study the payout tables before you start playing your online slots games. Because it always gives important advice. About the best way to play that particular slot machine or slot game in Lion Share online slots games. shared a good experience. About a train station in Japan that returned "Glass Tumbler" which he forgot to leave on the car along with a few sheets of paper with impressive messages News website SoraNews24 reports that Twitter account owner @GIraFFE has recently used a Shinkansen train in Japan's Hokuriku region. But when I got home, I found myself leaving the tumbler on the train. He decided to call Toyama Station to inquire and was informed by the staff that His tumbler was found. So asked to help send the post office to the house. Because the distance between his house and the station was quite far. Two days later, the tumbler was delivered to his house. By having a plastic wrap to protect it neatly. and a small sheet of paper It's similar to a train ticket attached to it. The message on the paper reads “Your important item has been delivered successfully” and “Delivery successfully. Please come back to use the service again, Toyama Station.” On the back of the paper there is a message that reads: “Thank you very much for your continued use of JR West Japan. We understand that you must be concerned about this. And we are happy to be able to deliver this safely back to you. We pray that your valuables will not be lost again. So that you will have peace of mind during your future travels with us. Please come back to Toyama, a place full of charm once more.” Several Twitter users commented on @GIraFFE's tweet saying they had forgotten something on the train. and received a return with the same impressive message. While many said they "agree", the owner tweeted that Toyama Station's service was "excellent". “It makes me want to go back to Toyama again right now,” said one netizen.
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