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5 points of abdominal pain that tell the disease Where is the stomach pain, what is the disease?
1bd1cd2c578783aff4bc35629229aa51.jpg 5 points of abdominalสล็อตออนไลน์pain that tell the disease What kind of abdominal pain is serious? What can the pain location tell us? Abdominal pain is common and can happen to anyone. But each pain point is associated with different internal organs. If we know at the beginning what each point of abdominal pain can tell what disease, it will have a beneficial effect on the treatment and the patient himself. Asst.Prof.Dr. Montira Maneeratanaporn, Lecturer of Department of Medicine Department of Gastroenterology Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University stated that in medical practice, the abdomen is divided into 4 parts with a line at the navel area. The pain points can be divided into 5 areas as follows: upper right stomach pain The organs in the upper right abdomen are the liver, gallbladder and bile duct, depending on the nature of the pain. cholecystitis Continued abdominal pain and fever along with it. Gallstones Usually, if there are gallstones in the gallbladder, there are no symptoms. But the pain only occurs when the gallstone comes out of the bile duct. causing the biliary tract to be obstructed The body then tries to squeeze the stone out of the tube, causing pain. Gallstone pain in the bile duct will be acute pain 15-30 minutes, with more and more severe pain, some patients will say that the pain until bending over, sweating, palpitations, may have pain in the back. or pain to the right shoulder blade Pain in the liver, usually caused by inflammation or a purulent abscess in the liver. Some people may not have pain. or discomfort in the right abdomen If you have symptoms, you should consult your doctor for further investigation by ultrasound. or blood test upper left abdominal pain The organ located in the upper left abdomen is the spleen. If the pain is severe, severe pain, it is usually related to the blood vessels that supply the spleen, such as spleen ischemia, but is a rare condition. Often there are other diseases as well. People may not encounter this problem. lower right abdominal pain Many of you may already know that it is the location of the appendix. Except in some cases where the appendix is ​​reversed, there is an appendix on the left which is very rare. Symptoms of acute appendicitis: pain around the The navel first and then moves to the lower right side. until more and more pain may also have a fever This condition is considered appendicitis. lower left abdominal pain The lower left side is where the distal colon is located if the pain comes and goes with abnormal defecation. Be careful about irritable bowel syndrome. Or if you are elderly, you may need to be careful about colon cancer. because there may be an obstruction of the digestive tract Colon Cancer Symptoms: Symptoms Similar to Constipation The behavior of excretion has changed from the original, anemia, bloody stools. If you are not sure and are quite old should go to check more middle abdominal pain Abdominal pain in the middle is related to the stomach. because the stomach is placed above the navel Usually, the pain is mainly in the middle of the abdomen, north of the navel.
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