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PC Games on Your LG TV No PC Necessary
In the form of GeForce Now game streaming, LG TVs will soon be equipped with a revolutionary new feature that will eliminate the need for any additional external equipment in order to play games. Because of this, you may enjoy your favorite PC games without having to connect your computer to a television set as a result of the connection. LG TVs with the GeForce Now application were the first to provide it in beta in 2021, but it is now available to anybody who has an LG TV that is compatible with the GeForce Now program. It allows users to broadcast high-quality PC games from the streaming service's catalog on their desktops with the usage of the application. In fact, LG has created a list of televisions that are compatible with GeForce Now game streaming, and there is a startling amount of them on the list. However, it appears that only LG TV models running webOS 6.0 will be compatible with the new standard when it is released in 2021, according to the latest information. Because of technological constraints, if you have an older television, you will not be able to play video games on it. Of course, if this is something in which you are very interested, you could always consider purchasing a new television, since there are a plethora of wonderful models now available on the market. For those considering upgrading their television setup, NVIDIA is offering six months of GeForce Now's Priority tier free of charge when you purchase select televisions from the firm. With the addition of a slew of new games to their service, you will be able to play titles like as Mortal Online 2, Daemon X Machina, Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, Penalty Kick Online, Tropico 6, and Assassin's Creed III Deluxe Edition, among other titles, provided your television is compatible with the service. Penalty Kick Online
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