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In Pics : Floods, mudslides in Ecuador leave 24 dead, missing
97a8646708e3fb569f348b0530101f73.jpg Floods and mudslides hit Inxo slotaddition to the various features that work internally with the free spins feature, there are more prizes so that you can easily be rewarded. Introducing Online Slots 168 Free Credits Maximum Bonus Rewards for Each Game Often also included in the Free Spins feature. A huge jackpot prize worth millions of baht, including playing progressive slots slots. Since it is often broken by the free spins feature, "free spins" can be considered the most valuable feature of all online slot games to date. the Ecuadorian capital. At least 24 people have been killed and 12 others are missing as rescuers continue to search for survivors who may be stranded in muddy houses and roads in the aftermath of nearly 20 major floods. year Heavy rain on Monday night (31 Jan) caused water to accumulate in a nearby gorge. with the working communities of La Gasca and La Comuna before the floodwaters brought mud and rocks to flood the people's homes. The Ecuador Disaster Management Agency said that At least 48 people have been injured in floods and mudslides. Alba Kotakashi, a villager, said she saw a "black river" carrying everything with it. And she had to take her two young children to climb the wall to escape. The media has also released video clips of trees, cars and even electric poles being swept away by the current. Ecuadorian authorities have warned residents to be on the lookout for potential landslides. The Quito mayor's office has set up a shelter for the affected families. and started cleaning the streets of the city Ecuador is experiencing heavy rainfall in many areas. This caused the river to overflow its banks and flood into hundreds of homes and roads. Rainfall in Quito on Monday was 75 liters per square meter, the most in nearly 20 years.
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