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Putin urges Ukrainian army to overthrow government – ​​Zelenski Psalms 13 kamikaze soldiers mocking Russia
91b36795f623527e7c12b73751577769.jpg On February 25, 2022, TheSLOTXObeautiful and attractive graphics as a normal mobile game. It's true that online slot games are easy to play. You don't have to study too much, you can bet. However, you need to educate the game to make money from that slot game. What you need to understand today Learn with your friends in online slot games. Guardian reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a war on Ukraine. said in a harsh manner through the television Send a message to the leaders of the Ukrainian army to overthrow the country's leader who acts as a drug gang and neo-Nazi. Hiding in Kiev by taking the entire Ukrainian people hostage “It would be easier for us to agree with you. instead of drug gangs and neo-Nazis,” Putin said, reiterating that The Ukrainian leader was involved in genocide in the Donbas region. Eastern region of Ukraine M-Flow expressway automatic payment Public criticized after fined 10 times. Dismantling Thailand's pension system to cope with the "economic-society" of the elderly Liquor, beer, price hike, March "copper neck" coughs “We are fighting a nationalist group that is directly responsible for the Doibus genocide. and inflicting bloodshed on peace-loving civilians in both republics. The North Atlantic Treaty Defense Organization, or NATO, Jens Stoltenberg secretary of the organization announced that he consulted the President of the United States, Joe Biden, that NATO decided to send reinforcements to Eastern Europe again. to protect members from Russia Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary-General (AP Photo/Olivier Matthys) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky posted pictures and clips of himself confirming he was still in Kiev. After there were rumors that asylum had already left the country. while the capital was heavily attacked Earlier, Zelensky lauded 13 soldiers who took their lives to protect Snake Island in the Black Sea without fear of the Russian army. There are also recordings of conversations between the two parties before the raid. in which the Ukrainian soldiers fearlessly cursed the Russians
Vložil: Putin urges Ukrainian army to overthrow government – ​​Zelenski Psalms 13 kamikaze soldiers mocking Russia v 04:53 dne 10.03.2022


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