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Promoting Muscular Definition Without Higher Repetitions
Over the years, an appreciation [url=http://worldhealthreviews.com/science-based-six-pack-review]Science Based Six Pack Review[/url] on my end for GPP was responsible for the addition of my Hybrid/HIIT day as part of Brink's Hybrid Training Program, which has led to improvements in body composition, strength, and GPP/conditioning, for those who have followed it. There are many ways to go about incorporating GPP into a program, but that's not the focus of this write up; I encourage people to read Simmon's article on the topic. Other very successful SnC coaches/competitors, such as Dave Tate and others, are also proponents of intelligently applied GPP. How GPP is applied depends to some degree on the goals of the person, experience levels, etc., so some research is warranted before jumping into it. Can the intelligent/appropriate use GPP training - besides the obvious benefits to health and conditioning - make one a better power lifter, a better bodybuilder, a better athlete regardless? In my experience and opinion, the answer is yes. [url]http://worldhealthreviews.com/science-based-six-pack-review[/url]
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