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Fun Wordle Game: How to Make a Wordle
What You Need - A sheet of paper - Pencils, pens, or markers - Scissors - Tape To start the game, cut a square out of your sheet of paper. Write a word in the middle of the paper and draw circles around different letters. The word will then become a part of the wordle. Now that you have your colorful wordle, get ready to play! How to Play the Wordle Game The wordle online is pretty simple. All you have to do is make a word cloud of your own words with the words you choose to use. For example, if I wanted to make a word cloud about my favorite food, I would type in "cheesecake" and "cake," then select the circle button to create my cryptic word cloud. Here's what it would look like: If you want more of a challenge, try playing the Wordle game by creating a word cloud about one of your topics for school or work. You can even create one about your favorite book or movie. The possibilities are endless!
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