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How to Download Windows Live Mail for Windows 10
Download Windows Essentials. Run the installer. When you run the installer, select Windows Live Mail from the list of programs you want to install. You can also install other programs from the package. Wait for the installation to finish. To keep this email client working in windows 10, you will need to install a certain update. Go to this page, download and uninstall the Update KB3093594 which will allow you to run Windows Live Mail in Windows 10.
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Sally John
Remove the device and connect with your new computer. Open WLM on new computer, select the Contacts folder and click on Import option. Click Next, check each of the required contact field to import and click on Finish to finish the transferring of Windows Live Mail to New PC. https://www.smallteaser.com/@sallyjohn/article/social-networking-what-its-for-and-the-1
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