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Receive an email in the SBCGlobal Email account that your account will be suspended

It is completely a scam nothing else as SBCglobal net email never send any such kind of emails for asking the action so you have to beware of it and take some precautions before taking any action for it.

What you will do if you receive such kind of emails. Well, before taking any action on such kind of email you have to follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. To avoid any error due to this you will be required to just investigate the information where it might take some time in this process. You are required not to click on any links within the mail, directly visit the Company’s website, and then directly contact to their customer service through SBCGlobal Email Customer Service Number to verify the validity of the email.
  2. In order to provide the safety of your account you have to just report suspicious activities and if you think that someone else has accessed your SBCGlobal Email account, if that happens and you see any kind of email which asking to change confirm a password change you which you didn’t authorize, then you are suggested to change the password on an immediate basis.
  3. You are requested that never ever reply back to such kind of sender and you can report it as a criminal offense.

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This is a bad scam, I will consult your opinion! wuxiaworld
vložil: maryrosie | 06:00 dne 31.01.2019

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