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Russian diplomats resign in protest of war in Ukraine around the world
44f12badfab69a4bc7952b38902e1002.jpg On May 24, the BBC SLOTXO reported that Russian diplomat Boris Bondarev resigned from his post. To protest against the bloody and stupid war against Ukraine from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Bondareve, whose LinkedIn profile states, works at the UN ambassador in Geneva. Switzerland told the BBC he knew the decision to speak out would equate to The Kremlin now considers him a traitor. But Bondarev stood by a statement describing the war as a "crime against the Ukrainian people" and "the people of Russia", while Russia had not yet commented. in a letter posted on social media and shared with fellow diplomats Bondarev explained that He chose to end his 20-year career because he could no longer engage in the bloodthirsty, illogical and absolutely unnecessary stigma. “The makers of this war only needed one thing. that is, in power forever and to achieve that goal They were as willing to sacrifice their lives as they could. Thousands of Russians and Ukrainians died just for this.” The letter also hit the Russian Foreign Ministry. It accused the Russian foreign ministry of being more interested in "harassment, lies and hate" than diplomacy. Bondarev told the BBC: He didn't see any other options. besides the resignation But he did not expect that many people would follow him. “I don't think it has changed much, to be honest, but I think it's a little brick. One that will become a larger wall which will eventually form. I hope so.” Mr Bondarev said At first, the invasion of Ukraine brought his colleagues joy, joy, elation. that Russia has taken drastic steps But now they are not satisfied. because we are facing some problem. The first is the economy. But I don't see that many people will repent and change their attitude. They may become less extremist. less aggressive but not at peace.” On the other hand, Bondarev said in an open letter that He had never felt ashamed of his own country like this before. Just as he felt on Feb. 24, the day that Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. It is unclear whether Was he the first diplomat to resign from the diplomatic corps? Several sources told AFP that Someone else may have another Even though no one speaks in public Bondayev was only enlightened by the real conditions that Russia would now view. he is a traitor but noted that he had done nothing illegal. “I just quit and spoke my mind. But I think I definitely worry about my safety.”
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