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Strategy Catch-up on quarters for basketball betting
Strategy Catch-up on quarters for basketball betting The strategy of the game "Dogon" was created for the casino, but smart people guessed to use this effective strategy for betting in bookmakers. Today, Dogon is incredibly popular, it is a universal strategy game for betting on outcomes with the same probability. Bookmaker online pinup betting To bet on the Dogon is to double the size of the bet after each loss until the bet is won, which will allow to return the loss and make a profit. To use this strategy, you need to have a solid starting Bank, otherwise in the case of a series of failures there may be a situation where there will be insufficient funds to double the amount of the next bet. Experienced players recommend to have a stock of 8-10 steps. One bet is one step. The player who applies this strategy should be interested in outcomes with a coefficient of 2.00 and higher. Although you can bet on the outcomes of 1.80, but it is only important to correctly calculate the amount of the next bet to win back lost in the previous steps. Another pitfall is the limits of bookmakers. It may be that the size of the next bet on the Dogon exceeds the limit of the BC, which will not allow you to put the necessary amount and get a plus. It is important to pay attention to this, especially if you bet large sums. In such cases, it is better to choose a bookmaker with high limits. Often betters use the catch-up strategy in basketball betting, in particular, betting on the victory of a certain team in the quarter. You need to bet on a team that is inferior to the favorite, but it is not an obvious outsider. Odds on such a team usually from 2.00, especially if she plays away. If you are interested in basketball, you probably know that at least one of the quarters wins underdog. As a rule, the favorites give themselves a rest in a certain quarter. An outsider can win both the first and second, third or fourth quarter. It is difficult to determine in which quarter an outsider will win, but it is possible to make a profit by betting on outsider victories in quarters using the catch-up. Put, for example, $ 20 to win the second team in the first quarter by a factor of 2.10. If the bet is won, we no longer bet on this match and are looking for another basketball match. In that case, if you lose the bet, you need to bet $ 40 on the victory of the second team in the second quarter. If we lose this bet, we bet $ 80 on the third quarter. Let's say that in the third quarter, the guests did not win, so we bet on their victory in the last quarter of 160 dollars by a factor of 2.10. If the bet wins, the win will be 160 × 2.10 = 336 dollars. Net profit 336 – 160 = 176. The previous three steps were unprofitable, the player lost 20 + 40 + 80 = 140. From 176 we take away 140 and it turns out that we came in plus – income of 36 dollars. Unlikely, but maybe lose the fourth bet, then you should look for another match and put on a victory of the outsider in the first quarter of $ 320. According to this strategy, it is extremely important to put in bookmakers with very high coefficients.
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