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Shopee lays off employees, executive reveals reasons through memorandum
d1c305a533168b8710d9909d52c07164.jpg Shopee is laying off jobs in xo wallet Southeast Asia, including Thailand, with Channel News Asia reporting the cause from executive memorandum. On June 14, 2022, Channel News Asia reported that e-commerce giant Shopee will lay off some employees in its food delivery team ShopeeFood and online payment service ShopeePay in Southeast Asia. The company will also lay off employees in Mexico, Argentina and Chile, as well as an international team to support the Spanish market. According to the company's records seen by Channel News Asia. The record, dated June 13, was sent by the Chief Shopping Officer, Chris Feng. “Due to the growing uncertainty in the broader economy, We believe it is prudent to make some difficult but important adjustments. to increase operational efficiency and focus on resources,” he wrote in the note. “This is to ensure that, as a business, we remain in the best position to sustainably scale and ultimately win.” Feng said this decision to reduce the number of staff in the team This is to increase the efficiency of the Company's operations in certain groups and markets. He also said that Shopee will close the pilot program in Spain. After announcing plans to launch online sales in Spain in October Singapore-based e-commerce platform It also withdrew from the Indian retail market in March. or months after starting operations there. This is the second withdrawal from overseas markets within the same month. After Shopee just withdrew from France. In the memo, Feng also said businesses would continue to operate as usual in Shopee in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, as well as ShopeeFood and ShopeePay in Southeast Asia. “We are committed to providing the same level of support to our users, partners and traders in all of these markets,” he added. “This is a very difficult decision. And I know this will have a significant impact on team members and their families. We will do our best to support them through this transition.”
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