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จิราภรณ์ นอนน้อยG7 Raises $600 Billion embark on a project against Chinese influence
c588ccccefb6b5deca3977fa2f32813a.jpg The G7 Global Infrastructure Egg scratch game can be xo wallet installed on mobile as well. Win lots of prizes without relying on horoscope It is a game that makes money very easy. You can deposit or withdraw as you wish. With modern systems, Auto operates all by itself. Just scratching for winnings With money making games, slots, scratching eggs, scratching for prizes easily, small investment, real profit. The website guarantees a real profit for sure. Partnership and Investment Program will help finance infrastructure projects in developing countries. On June 27, 2022, Al Jazeera reported that G7 leaders have pledged to raise $600 billion in public and private funds over five years to finance infrastructure development in developing countries and to counter projects. China's older, multi-trillion dollar Belt and Road Initiative US President Joe Biden and other leaders of the G7 group have launched a new project called Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment on Sunday local time. at the annual meeting held at the Schloss Elmau Hotel in southern Germany. Biden said Developing countries often lack the infrastructure needed to help guide them during global quake events such as epidemics, so they will feel more severe impacts. And they have a harder time recovering. “That's not just a humanitarian concern. It is an economic and security concern for all of us.” Biden also said US to raise $200 billion in aid through a five-year federal and private investment fund to support projects in low- and middle-income countries. to help deal with climate change including the development of global health gender equality and digital infrastructure
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