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Super! Tencent Upgrade "Two-wheeled robot" with excellent sense of balance
382a4fa8eafb358d06baba827f503d3a.jpg Super! TencentSLOTXOUpgrade "Two-wheeled robot" with excellent sense of balance Chinese company Tencent unveils a smart two-wheeled robot. which has been developed to be more efficient than before Xinhua news agency reported from Beijing, China on Sept. 21 that met with "Olly" (Ollie), an intelligent interactive robot. Developed by the research department of Tencent, China's internet and technology giant. The engineering team has improved many more features for the robot. until able to interact through touch and balance on wheels Alli has been equipped with a new touch sensor system. that allows for better touch response and perform difficult missions like supporting a round object on the head while an improved motion control and generation algorithm allows the Alli to move reliably on two wheels. and more flexible Ollie combines several leading motion control techniques. This has enabled advances in movement planning, balance and stability, as well as human-computer interaction.
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