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If you are using a Dell laptop and you have come across the issue where your Dell laptop is not starting, then it could cause a lot of trouble for you. The users can solve this issue by accurately following the below-given steps: •Power off the Dell Laptop in which you are facing the problem. •Now disconnect the AC adapter or the power cord and then safely remove the battery. •Further remove all the external devices or peripherals such as USB drives, printer cords or media cards from the system. •Now you would have to press and hold the power key for 15-20 seconds to drain the remaining power in the device. •Once you have drained all the remaining power, reconnect the AC adapter and the battery. The said steps would efficiently solve the issue of your Dell laptop not starting if you require any more assistance in following the given steps you can easily connect with Dell Support phone number You would get all the required aid in solving the problem. For more:- Dell Customer phone care number
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