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Cops N Crime
He performed in 15 states and Canada. His efforts also attracted global media attention, including from two separate sets of German television crews, who flew down to California to do a documentary on “Elvis the Lawman.” He was featured in United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia. He has 51 years of experience in police work. He is also co-author, with Tanya Chalupa, of two non-fiction books: Murder on the Rails and A Rookie Cop Vs. the West Coast Mafia, both of which are based on high profile cases he investigated. Palmini is recipient of the J. Stannard Baker Award from the International Association of Chief of Police, the 2010 National Elks Enrique Camarena Drug Awareness Award, and an honorary Gold Record Award from the Recording Industry Association of America, RIAA. His fame as Elvis the Lawman follows him and he still performs occasionally at community events. Crime Prevention Book 2022
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