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Riot in Ecuadorian prisons At least 15 prisoners were killed.
03dd8b4934a8a258e7f0e020bf08e43e.jpg Foreign news agencies reportedwww slotxo comfrom Quito. Ecuador on Oct. 4 that the Ecuadorian National Corrections Office reported a riot inside a prison. in the city of Latagunga central ecuador last monday As a result, at least 15 prisoners were killed and 21 others were injured. Statistics by the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Interior show that Throughout the last year At least 316 inmates were killed in riots inside the prison, while last July riots broke out. Inside the prison in Santa Domingo, located in the northwest. This resulted in at least 13 deaths, and the violence occurred just two months after the riots at the same prison. and 43 prisoners died. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights The IACHR says Ecuador's correctional system is damaged by the abandonment of the state. lack of comprehensive policies and the deteriorating environment inside the prison Because the prisons of the country More than 35,000 prisoners were held in total, about 15% more congestion than the maximum capacity.
Vložil: Riot in Ecuadorian prisons At least 15 prisoners were killed. v 05:56 dne 05.10.2022


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