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Did you be aware that a typical Double Queen Murphy Bed in the UK has a 135cm length? This means that even if two people share in the same bed, which is usually the principle behind two king size bed the two of them will share the length of a baby's crib to rest in. A baby's crib! The importance of protecting your mattress with mattress protectors mattress cover is vital, which makes it the ideal product to mattress cover protectors that stop the accumulation of moisture and skin flakes on your mattress. A mattress that is not protected mattress can provide the ideal environment for the growth of dust mites, bacteria, and dust mites. If you're trying to figure out how the various names for beds relate in relation to their dimensions, Here's a quick guide: Single Dimensions: 108cm w 218cm l Miniature double size: 135cm wide 218cm long King: 244cm w 231cm l Euro King: 250cm wide 231cm x 231cm l Super king: 270cm x 231cm l US King: 284cm 231cm L Emperor: 225cm wide x 231cm l The sizes can differ a bit, depending on the bedyou choose, therefore, always double-check. Also, make sure you select the correct size mattress which should be smaller overall as compared to your frame. Check with our design team for assist. Go Modern has a wide range of UK designed, custom-sized handmade pocket sprung mattresses to fit any mattress we sell. Recently, we found some fascinating details in the Sleep Council's website. It's a good thing because the Sleep Council was established in 1995. It's an independent organization that examines ways we can make changes to our practices for sleeping. It offers a wealth of suggestions regarding everything from getting the best sleep possible to general well-being and health. One of the topics discussed was the fact that sleeping in separate beds is not the best way to maintain an enjoyable relationship..,/
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