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Warfare is complemented by other funny ideas
When I reached level 120 for the first time, I still had many other tasks and new specific tasks at the end of the game that bound some of the story's sons, but the area I had to leave doubled when the second faction became available for exploration, wrestling and quest . The LITION global search system returns, offering daily rotation of quests with limited time scattered across all regions. lucrative rewards and even more reputation of the faction There are also 10 new dungeons to overcome, each of which is a glove of memorable boss fights with Gold in WoW Classic. In Freehold, for example, my party went into the bottom of the battle, where we had to face several challenges, including catching a fat pig and defeating a huge monster named Sharkpuncher, who guessed that he had two sharks as a weapon. Craft updates have also been updated to make them easier to penetrate without unnecessary corrections, and now players can start creating materials and items that are immediately useful. one must finally invest time in the more relaxing activities of Warcraft. It is a shame, at least in the case of occupations that mainly consist of armor and weapons. Specially designed options are not really useful compared to the prey that I find in the dungeons, and when I finally release, a new raid. Island Expeditions is a new addition to the list of activities at the end of the game: Island Expeditions, a structural antithesis choregraphy, which involves dungeons and specific strategies for each boss. This mode for three players takes you to 'one of the seven islands inhabited by a random set of monsters and quests, each containing a small amount of Azerite. But here's the kicker: It's a race with another team of three players. Although there is a PvP version that opposes real human competitors, the normal version of Island Expeditions is against one of many artificial intelligence teams with their own strategy and personality. These enemy soldiers do not look like anything I've seen before in World of Warcraft. In fact, they are intelligent. When they are directly challenged, they coordinate spells, aim at the weakest members of the team and run away, even if the fight seems unfavorable. With more difficulties, I often forget that I'm playing against AI opponents, Regardless of whether it is a human team or a team of artificial intelligence, trips to the island are an explosion, because they do quite a good job, maintaining a fierce competition - attacking the opponent in the front or keeping the distance was a strategy. profitable, if we could try new ideas if something goes wrong. I like that adaptation is the key to success, which gives the impression of a pleasant respite after the test of the dungeon. Each of the seven islands is very dynamic and randomized, so even if I visit the same island twice, it will be populated by completely different enemies and another set of artificial intelligence, not to mention all kinds of crazy events that suddenly change the landscape and force my mind. adaptation team. During the expedition, the elemental Lords of Fire appeared and opened a portal to their kingdom, where a huge Azerbaijani bonus was waiting for the team that could first defeat the boss and more than once, such meetings took place. I turned into chaotic three-man battles when I desperately tried to push the opposing team away. And because Island Expeditions always rewards the losing team, a few times when we were completely destroyed, it did not seem like a waste of time. Those who want PvP can activate the battle for Azeroth's unique combat mode, which completely replaces the old, dedicated PvP system. Now the PvP option is nothing more than a button that places my character in an instance filled by other players who also chose PvP, changing the battle zones on Azeroth into animated battlefields. Sometimes it's frustrating when you're ambushed in the middle of a job, but I like the way the war inspires me to coordinate with other players. Finally, I have a good reason to meet with all foreigners who play with me, instead of playing a role if they do not exist. After the Horde players attacked the nearby city, I mobilized a group of a dozen Alliance players to hunt them, and it was exciting to fight a non-imposed scripting task. Warfare is complemented by other funny ideas, such as airships, which fly periodically over your head and deposit food crates for each party to fight. Mark enough victims and you will be considered a murderer and your position will be revealed, challenging other players to join the team and looking for additional prizes, a good start to raise PvP again in the world, and I hope Blizzard will continue he developed on these ideas in future updates. More WoW Classic products in https://www.mmotank.com/WoW-classic-Gold.html
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