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Should The Binh Golf View Binh Duong apartment project be invested?

The Emerald Golf View - An area for the whole of 2014. The area of ​​The Golf Golf Binh Duong. Our love in our region

The Emerald Golf View - Lower City. Conveniently one
After having a part of them, when you can eat it. You can use a part of them our Points of Interest and your interest.

From Thuan an - Kim from the south towards

With the role of being considered as a key connection between Ho Chi Minh City and Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Dau Mot, Tp. Thuan An has become the gateway of Binh Duong, so it focuses on developing key routes, connecting areas such as Highway 13, DT 743, Binh Duong Boulevard, My Phuoc - Tan Expressway. Van ... And the waterway is the Saigon River with ports with large trade volumes such as An Son port, Ba Lua port, ...

In addition to the aforementioned key routes, representatives of Thuan An City People's Committee said that in 2019, Thuan An has also allocated capital to implement a series of other large and small roads to improve the urban landscape. Especially works near densely populated areas and other people's constructions such as: upgrading, widening roads, constructing sidewalks, trees, ...

City real estate market. Thuan An is benefiting greatly,

The price of land increased rapidly after Thuan An was officially approved to upgrade to the city through Resolution No. 857 / NQ-UBTVQH14 in early 2020. According to the reality, land prices in many area projects In Thuan An area, the price increase range is from 50% to 100%.

In Thuan An in general and in surrounding areas such as Di An and Thu Dau Mot, land prices have fluctuated significantly. However, depending on the region there will be different prices. For example, in planning projects, with convenient facilities, synchronous infrastructure, convenient transportation close to major roads such as Binh Duong Boulevard, especially with complete legislation, the price will range from 32- 40 million / m2, sometimes even higher. In the more remote areas such as Nam Tan Uyen and Bac Tan Uyen, although the infrastructure is synchronized, the project pending the book issuance will be priced from 27 million VND / m2 or more.

The Emerald GolfView - An attractive destination for investment and settlements

The Emerald Golf View project is located at the intersection of Vsip crossroads, next to Song Be golf course. The Emerald promises to be the most luxurious and comfortable apartment in Binh Duong.

With the current housing demand, The Emerald Golf View was officially launched with the mission of realizing the need for housing and clean living environment for residents in Binh Duong.

With a modern, sophisticated design and outstanding facilities, The Emerald Golf View project will be an ideal destination for all residents.

Detailed scale of The Emerald Golf View project
Project name: The Emerald Golf View
Apartment location: Located at Vsip crossroads on Highway 13, Thuan Giao Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province.
Investor: Le Phong Investment and Development Co., Ltd.
Distributor: Updating
The total planning area of ​​86,000m2
Construction density: 60%
Type of product: Apartment, Commercial center, shophouse
Number of apartment blocks 3 blocks of high apartment 44 Floors & 2 basements
Total number of apartments: 800 units
Apartment area: 36m2 - 54m2 - 78 m2
Apartment Design Type:
1 bedroom 36 m2
2 bedrooms 54m2
3 bedrooms 78m2
Internal utilities: The system of greenery in the internal park combined with open internal roads - Overflow swimming pool - Restaurant, Spa, Gym area, ....
Construction started: Quarter 2/2020
Handing over the apartment Full luxury furniture

Location The Emerald Golf View Highway 13
The Emerald Golf View Located in the heart of T.PP Thuan An, Le Phong high-rise commercial housing project. Fully inherited utility services to serve the essential needs of life such as: AEON Supermarket, Market, convenience store, bus station, bank and hospital with a series of large hospitals such as: Eastern International Hospital, Becamex International Hospital, Hanh Phuc International Hospital, Colombian Hospital ... As well as connecting with important locations such as moving only 4km to the administrative center of Binh Duong New City, 2km to Thien Hoa electronics center, 500m to VSIP1 Industrial Park ...

Utility The Emerald Golf View Thuan An
For healthy breathing, conditioning. Allow the body to rest and relax. For the mind to be meditated, be less concerned. Let the soul welcome new life. For peace comes to you gently after hard working hours. The Emerald Golf View brings complete peace in the heart of the city.

The Emerald Golf View brings peace and tranquility that is not easily found in the heart of bustling Saigon. It is the entrance with the rows of green trees, the campus is covered with vines, and the waterfall gurgles endlessly, ...

The Emerald Golf View is proud to bring you the most peaceful and modern living space in Binh Duong:

With over 35 high-class facilities integrated at The Emerald golf View: infinity pool, Gym, Spa, High-level entertainment area, shopping center, ....
External facilities and most advanced facilities: AEON MALL, Song Be Golf, Becamex International Hospital, Lotte supermarket, Binh Duong University, ...
An ideal place of residence for experts in industrial zones in Binh Duong: Vsip (100m away), Viet Huong,
Design The Emerald Golf View Apartment
The Binh Duong LP high-rise commercial housing project is 44 floors high. Construction projects with a density of only 60% of the total land area. The investor sets aside 40% of the remaining area to build public facilities, green parks and internal transportation. Prime location on the front of National Highway 13 opposite VSIP 1 gate. Adjacent to many trading centers as well as many satellite cities in Binh Duong

Who Is The Owner of Emerald Golf View? Lê Phong?
Le Phong Investment and Development Co., Ltd. Was established on July 24, 2012 and commenced operations on August 19, 2012. The Company's head office is located at 26/11, Tây A Quarter, Đông Hòa Ward, Di An Town, Bình Dương Province.

Enterprises operating in the main areas such as:
- Construction of houses of all kinds
- Construction of other civil engineering works
- Preparing ground and other fields
In the real estate market, Le Phong is known as a prestigious investor, has developed many real estate products spread across many provinces and cities, of which concentrated mainly in Binh Duong. In the process of formation and development, Le Phong always aims to bring customers and partners real products, true value and continuous increase. To date, Le Phong has released about 4,600 plots, with more than 90% of the products having their own red books. The ratio of construction to real demand of customers accounts for 50% of the company's projects, the rest is for investment from secondary investors.





And 2020 is the project ... The Emerald Golf View (See more projects here: https://thuanhunggroup.com/the-emerald-golf-view/ )

Contact The Emerald-GolfView Sales Department
Currently all information about the project of The Emerald-GolfView high-rise apartment project in front of National Highway 13, Thuan An, Binh Duong such as: Expected selling price, construction progress, payment method ... Please contact system through:
Hotline: 0911 525454

Source: Binh Duong apartment

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