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Institute of Performing Art and Mind Power Development
Sample report writing MUSIC PROJECT OF SODEPUR SREEJONY WELFARE SOCIETY (REGISTRATION NO.: S/1L/55910) CONTENTS 1. ABSTRACT 2. KEYWORDS 3. INTRODUCTION 4. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION 5. OUTPUT 6. SALIENT FEATURES 7. REQUIREMENTS 8. SCHEDULE (WORK PLAN) 9. FUTURE SCOPE 10. SUMMARY ABSTRACT: SodepurSreejonywelfare society provides teaching in musical instruments like guitar hawaian and spanish, indian classical vocal and modern bengali songs, flute, mouth organ, and music therapy, music recording, musician promotion with an annual magazine also ...It provides music composers, singers , dancers, painters and their students to exhibit their work in front of everybody on the planet through website, radio, stage shows, etc. KEYWORDS: Music project,musician, singer, instruments player, healing therapy, university, PPL account, share, profit, website, new artists, eradication, unemployment, etc. INTRODUCTION: The music project of SodepurSreejony Welfare Society is a highly profitable project aimed at creating new musicians, helping upcoming musicians survive in the competitive world, promoting folk musicians in music field. We are going to uplift the needy students in the music field. We are going to release Music CDs and cassettes of artists at a competitive price, give them PPL membership and promote their music internationally. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Now the musicians who go to music recording companies are charged quite high. But with the help of our music project, they will get the music CD released at a low cost and also world wide marketing of their CDs and cassettes. Their music is not played in the radio unless they approach the FM channels. But our music project is designed so as to benefit the musicians. We are going to help them create a theme song for the finance company at a low cost. We will have a website, a PPL account, etc. We will do the publicity for your company and share the profit with you. OUTPUT: The output of the music project is the music CDs and cassettes will be released. The PPL membership will be done and the money invested in our music project by the artist will be doubled in a certain span of time as per the agreement between the artist and our NGO. They will get the benefit of Fixed Deposit and Monthly Income Scheme and not only they are getting monetary gain, they will get worldwide recognition. SALIENT FEATURES: The salient features of the music project are as follows: 1. We are going to create a website which will help the visitors of the website download the music and we will get payment for those online purchase. 2. We are going to give a membership of the phonographic performing limited to the singer or instruments player so that he gets a chance of performing in radio. 3. We need the highest rank of the finance company which will help us in maintaining our own office with sophisticated IT facilities and thereby we will be able to attract investors into our project in the near future. 4. The artists of all kinds will be invited to work in our music project. 5. We will create the theme song for the finance company and also for other companies. 6. We will show our commitment by signing a written agreement. REQUIREMENTS: The requirements of our music project are as follows: 1. We need the company to sign a written agreement with us. 2. We need financial support from your side. 3. We need to build a website that will help our NGO earn by promoting musician’s CD or music in the websites. 4. We need PPL membership. 5. We need your cooperation without which this remarkable project will be under dust! SCHEDULE: The investor will invest if he gets a guaranteed return from his investment. The investor will be benefited here in four ways. They are: 1. His invested money will return to him in double and he will receive interest every month in the definite time and he will get the money returned at the right time. 2. His album will be publicized without interest. 3. The royalty will be received in 2 ways: A. FM radio channel. B. Profit from sale of CDs. 4. Participation of programs of the company professionally. FUTURE SCOPE: 1. In Bengal, India and abroad, the company will get those investor, which the company has not found till date. 2. The company will get profit from the sale of CDs. 3. The company will get publicity from FM company’s publicity and a part of the royalty. 4. The rank of the NGO will help get more projects. 5. The theme song will help highlight the image of the company. SUMMARY: We need your cooperation in this music project. This music project is going to give earning opportunity to many musicians, singers, etc. It will help many unknown but talented artists get worldwide reputation. It will help generate employment to many unemployed youths in Bengal. It will help create a music revolution in the years to come. We are going to preserve our musical traditions on the verge of extinction through music libraries. We are going to start musical education for the needy and also start orphanages for orphan children, stage shows for the talented artists of West Bengal. Music will be a great source of earning not only for a handful of our population but it will become easier for a common man get musical education and finally worldwide promotion. If you need report writing like this, please contact pratanu banerjee 91-8017517171
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