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Only on OSRS is half an 16 hour days filler content
Just something interesting to RuneScape gold the battle stats grind, but I dig it. I was so nervous seeing this. I was together with my nose onto my screen that last step god which dopamine hit at the end was real. Going from the grain here but this is the first video I actually felt uncomfortable watching. 37 long days to something out that had zero goal. Two months of Temple Trekking for a whip? Absurd, but meaningful. This? Ok. I hope settled is really okay. That's why I gave 3 other actual productive motives for doing this. I had a few options: Produce a literal 10 second video of me getting 3 melee levels, and 3 variety levels, and finish it at that. OR something that I stated I'd complete over a year past; go for an incredibly difficult accomplishment. Gather ruby bolt tips and the kwuarms Iget, and'll need melee stats that are increased to make my TOB more easy. All if you look at it just trying to have a clue casket for 37 times, then yeah it will seem pretty pointless. But it was a target along with productivity. The disclaimer which you put that this wouldn't be fit was really good to hear. I was basically thinking"let this guy sleep" for the whole episode. You've talked in the past about staying healthy and active during your grinds and I'm grateful you reinforced the stage. Hopefully the editing was considerably less stressful than the mill was. Be good to yourself. I do advocate healthiness in grinding. Even this wasn't too bad as people believe, just 5 of those 37 days ever went past 9hrs of playtime. If I didnt receive a 2nd hint in the first 9 hours of the afternoon, I stopped and tried again the next day. It helps when you have an entire community pulling for you aswell, not like you are some unknown guy grinding away for this, we don't deserve the swampman. It was a excellent vid. Kept me on the edge of the chair. Really put grind into standpoint lmao. Right? Seriously one of my Swampletics episodes in a looooooong while. The barrows saga was getting old and there were no real stakes, the outcome was always going to be the same, even though it took Settled months (that it absolutely did). Even though it was finally worthless, Settled put together the video in such a way that my expectation when he had been doing the set of clues was insane. I teared up a very small bit. Jesus christ, I can not believe I just admitted on the internet a Runescape video made me shout yeah, that happened. Yeah, it did have any useful gains, you are right. I forgot about your disclaimer too, thanks for emphasizing that. I guess I just got caught up in 37 days for elegant pants I just kind of forgot about everything else that you stated did. I'm also just now seeing your remark about not going past 9 hours without buy RS gold another hint, my mental image was much worse when I made that remark.
vložil: wfuuopy | 01:29 dne 03.09.2020

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