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Covid in Scotland: The headlines
Covid in Scotland: The headlines - A further 1,604 people have slotxo tested positive for Covid – which is 9.2% of the tests carried out yesterday. - There have also been 13 more deaths recorded in the past 24 hours of people who tested positive in the previous 28 days. - First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says although case numbers remain high they are "on a downward path" and have declined by more than a third in the last fortnight. - A total of 3,984,433 people in Scotland have received their first dose of the vaccine - 90% of the adult population. - The total number fully vaccinated is now 2,995,086. - Uptake rates are lower for 30 to 39-year-olds (81%) and 18 to 29-year-olds (70%). - Ms Sturgeon says the decision not to vaccinate the majority of children will be kept under “close and ongoing review”. - No decision has been taken on the requirement for mandatory vaccine passports in Scotland. - Asked about allegations made by the prime minister's former chief adviser, the first minister says leaders should not be "glib or complacent about human life". - Train operators have been told they are expected to follow Scottish Covid laws and guidance when operating north of the border. - Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross says he is "sceptical" about calls for vaccine passports and criticises the decision to close the NHS Louisa Jordan vaccination hub in Glasgow. - Labour's Daniel Johnson says the Scottish government must spell out what the new normal will look like and says "serious questions" have to be asked about the pace of vaccinations among younger people.
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