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Labour proposes 'new deal for jobs' to transform UK economy
Labour proposes 'new deal for jobs' to transform UK economy Labour says it SLOTXO will "fundamentally change our economy" with a "new deal" for post-pandemic Britain. Shadow secretary of state for the future of work Angela Rayner will kick off a summer of campaigning with a visit to a social enterprise project in London on Monday. She says the party wants "good quality jobs" that pay a "proper wage that people can raise a family on". Ministers say they are "levelling up" the UK to rebuild the economy. The lifting of Covid restrictions has sparked a debate about inequality and the future of work in the UK. Research conducted by the TUC found one in nine workers - 3.6 million people - had no pay or job security and three quarters of those on zero-hours contracts lost shifts during the pandemic. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said the pandemic revealed that "millions of workers don't have the dignity and security they deserve from their job". After the party's poor results in the English local elections in May, Ms Rayner was appointed to the newly created future-of-work role, saying it was time for a "new deal" as people adjusted to the "new normal". She will be joined by Mr Starmer and and other members of the shadow cabinet over the summer on a campaigning tour to set out Labour's vision. Ms Rayner said Britain was "at a fork in the road" as it rebuilt from the pandemic. She said: "Under the Conservatives we have a broken economic model defined by insecure work, low wages and in-work poverty and a lack of opportunity for people who want to get on and find good work to support themselves and their families."
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