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What’s happening with Covid cases?
What’s happening with Covid cases? Sorry, it’s time for you to SLOTXO concentrate - the Covid statistics are getting slightly confusing. We’ve all seen the falls in the number of people testing positive each day since the decline started midway through last week. However, data just published by the Office for National Statistics suggests the number of people infected is still going up, but is now rising more slowly. It estimates just over 950,000 people in the UK would test positive in the week up to 24 July - up from 830,000 the week before. It is crucial to understand the differences between the two pieces of data as they are not as contradictory as they appear. The daily cases come from people going to get a test, and that is influenced by how keen people are to go get tested. The ONS figures test people at random, whether they are sick or not (40% have no symptoms in the study), so it sees the bigger picture. However, their data is doubly delayed. It only goes up to last Saturday - and people continue to test positive for a time after they recover from the infection. So it takes a lot longer for ONS to notice that the number of infections is in decline. There is almost certainly a decline in Covid in the UK. But we’re going to have to wait for more data from ONS, or from the number of people going to hospital with Covid, to fully understand what is going on.
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