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Plasmolifting PRP Gel Tubes (10 per box)
Plasmolifting PRP Gel Tubes (10 per box) Advantages of PRP therapy. The main advantages of PRP therapy, thanks to which this procedure has become widespread in cosmetology, are: safety – since the drug for injection under the skin is prepared from the patient's own blood, the development of an allergic reaction and other side effects is excluded; high efficiency-the procedure gives a quick and long-term rejuvenating effect; ease of execution; the possibility of combining PRP therapy with other cosmetic procedures; the absence of a rehabilitation period – immediately after the procedure, a person can return to his current affairs. I recommend to see at what price you can buy [url=https://plasmolifting.shop/en/plasmolifting-prp-tubes/71-plasmolifting-prp-roehrchen.html]PRP tubes with Gel[/url] from the manufacturer today. The main indications for the use of PRP therapy in cosmetology are: premature skin aging; acne; pigmented spots; the period of skin rehabilitation after the deep peeling procedure; restoring the elasticity and firmness of the skin after quickly getting rid of excess weight; early deep wrinkles; sagging and dry skin. [img]https://plasmolifting.shop/86-thickbox_default/plasmolifting-prp-roehrchen.jpg[/img]
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