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Analysis: Could small efforts keep virus at bay?
Analysis: Could small efforts keep virus at bay? Two weeks after lifting restrictions in เข้าเล่นเกม slotxo England, the predicted spike of 100,000 new cases a day has not materialised. That bodes well for Scotland to follow suit. Scotland was the first part of the UK to see a big surge in cases at the start of July but since then, the data has been positive and even the more cautious scientists say it looks good to proceed. Some experts believe one thing that has helped is that behaviour has not significantly changed. We are not in contact with as many people, and many have continued to keep a distance. With vaccines doing such an amazing job, could small efforts like this be enough to keep the virus at bay? What is around the corner is a bit tricky to predict. We will see a return to schools and universities in the next few weeks, coupled with the end of the holiday season and cooler weather on the horizon. That’s why things like the wearing of face coverings and an encouragement to work from home will continue for now. The hope is the worst is behind us, but Covid has taken us by surprise before - it still could now.
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