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Long Covid: What is it and what are the symptoms?
Long Covid: What is it and what are the symptoms? Most people who catch Covid-19 won't become severely ill and เกมสล็อต get better relatively quickly. But significant numbers have had long-term problems after recovering from the original infection - even if they weren't very ill in the first place. As society reopens, there are fears long Covid could disproportionately affect those not yet fully vaccinated. What are long Covid symptoms? Guidance for UK health workers describes long Covid as symptoms continuing for more than 12 weeks after an infection - severe or mild - and can't be explained by another cause. Surveys have identified tens and even hundreds of other complaints. Probably the largest study so far, by University College London (UCL), identified 200 symptoms affecting 10 organ systems in people with long Covid, at higher levels than in people who were fully recovered. They include hallucinations, insomnia, hearing and vision changes, short-term memory loss and speech and language issues. Others have reported gastro-intestinal and bladder problems, changes to periods and skin conditions. How severe these symptoms are varies, but many have been left unable to perform tasks like showering, grocery shopping and remembering words. What causes long Covid? We don't yet know for sure. One possibility is the infection makes some people's immune systems go into overdrive, attacking not just the virus but their own tissues. That can happen in people who have very strong immune responses. The virus itself getting into and damaging our cells might explain some symptoms like brain fog and a loss of smell and taste, while damage to blood vessels in particular could lead to heart, lung and brain problems.
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