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Hilarious! Found a Chinese woman claiming she hadn't slept for more than 40 years, doctors found it was caused by a strange condition
Hilarious! Found aโหลดสล็อตxoChinese woman claiming she hadn't slept for more than 40 years, doctors found it was caused by a strange condition. Several online media outlets in China, including Hong Kong news site Bastille Post. The case of Li Zhangying, a Chinese from China's Henan Province, claims to have never slept in more than 40 years, with her husband, Liu Shaoqin and neighbors in the village of Liu Shaoqin. One member of the Zhongmu community in Henan province testified to Ms Li's bizarre behavior. According to news reports in China, Ms. Li is a village celebrity that everyone knows. because of the peculiar ability of the person that can stay awake all day and night without sleep However, after a couple of years A group of neighbors were skeptical of Ms. Li's plea. work together to prove their abilities by setting up a playing card with Mrs. Li day and night But eventually had to give up. Some had to flee home. Many others ended up falling asleep with the cards used as proof of that. Mr. Liu, her husband, also confirmed that His wife hadn't slept at all since they were married. by waking up day and night Doing housework here and there all the time, even late at night. When asked, the answer was that he couldn't sleep. Mr Liu said that at first he understood that his wife had insomnia. So looking for a solution, starting with buying sleeping pills for his wife, but it turns out that sleeping pills don't work as well. According to the Bastille Post, Mr Liu had taken his wife to the doctor. But the doctors couldn't find anything unusual. Go see a doctor at Beijing Medical Center. The doctors there used a brainwave sensor device attached to Ms. Li all the time for 48 hours, until they found that Ms. Li was actually asleep as well. just not sleeping the same way as other people
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