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Sino Farm Group in China develops plasma-based mRNA vaccine for COVID-1
“CNBG” a subsidiary of Sinoเล่นสล็อตProgressive Slots : It is a type of machine. with progressive jackpot It grows as players bet. To earn you have to place the maximum bet. If you lose, that money is added to the total jackpot budget. and if you win the jackpot All amounts will be paid to you. The jackpot will keep increasing. by spinning the wheel leading to the biggest win The payout is much higher than the average non-advance jackpot. Farm Developing a drug to treat COVID-19 from the patient's plasma, including the powerful anti-mutation mRNA vaccine. On September 5, 2021, the Global Times reported that the COVID-19 drug The world's first type derived from human immunoglobulin developed from the plasma of cured coronavirus patients enters clinical trials, according to vice president of China National Biotech Group (CNBG), a company. Sino Farm's Sub Convalescent Plasma, or blood plasma that contains immune proteins, said Su Jingjing, senior clinical research chief at CNBG, in the paper, which was previously included in the coronavirus treatment plan. which has shown very good efficacy for severe and severe coronavirus patients. Published by the WeChat account of the State Assets Supervisory Board under the State Council. The company also said its second-generation vaccine against COVID developed especially for common species such as delta and beta. It shows good results as well. More than 2.1 billion doses of the coronavirus vaccine were vaccinated across the country on Saturday, data from China's National Health Service Bureau shows. The company has officially submitted a plan. for approval of supplemental vaccination New drug developed from plasma of recovering coronavirus patients and those vaccinated without infection Contains antibodies that are highly effective against SARS-COV-2. This drug has been studied in preclinical studies and animal testing. It has been shown to alleviate the symptoms and dangers associated with the new coronavirus infection and is entering Phase 3 soon, according to information released by CNBG to the Global Times. Su said while the new antiviral drug spreading around the world was not yet available, CNBG, which has learned from the experience of the SARS epidemic, has developed Convalescent Plasma to treat critically and severely ill people. until it is accepted as a national covid treatment plan Su also said that This drug can be widely used. and can encourage a quick response to emergency treatment for critically ill patients. or risk group
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